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Artist Desk | March 15, 2023

Hello, kind welcome to my portfolio. Due to severe academic failure and illness, I began my creative endeavor as a prize-winning artist in watercolor painting at the age of four. I have won several recognition consistently; especially the Best Print Portfolio in Animation 2012 at Art Institute, and the 2012 Best Illustration oil painting at the Trifecta Art Show in Florida. By God's grace, I achieved summa cum laude distinction in AA Fashion. As a designer, I love to hone my skills and try new things. In fact, I will be successful and sincere because I meditate on His Word and theological books like "Loved As I Am" by Sister Miriam James Heidland.


Currently, I have been unemployed and sick; but as always take time to sharpen my skillsets, study spiritual writings, or dancercise for good standing, health, and wholeness. I also possess an entrepreneurial spirit and business knack.


Thank you. Above all, Thy will be done on earth as it is heaven.

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